8 movies to improve your English language skills It’s unbelievable.

8 movies
8 movies

8 movies to improve your English language skills It’s unbelievable. Watching English-language movies that improve your listening skills

1. The Kings Speech

It is the story of a man who later ascended to the throne as King George VI who had a problem stuttering. Which in the story will focus on correct English pronunciation This movie is therefore very good for learning English.

2. Harry Potter

Fantasy movies will lead you to learn a lot of English words. As well as new words that the author thought, such as the word Muggle, Fudge Flies or Inferius, etc. In addition to entertainment then. You can also improve your English skills at the same time.

3. The Queen

In addition to learning English through this film You will also learn western culture in the royal palace at the same time.

4. Lord of the Rings

The movie trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, conveys Western culture in a modern era In addition to being thrilled with the story Viewers will learn new English words. And the dialects inserted within the story

5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The film can be enjoyed by both adults and children, with easy-to-listen conversations that will make you understand. And learn English more effectively

6. Beauty and the Beast

The film Beauty and the Beast is notable for its character pronunciation. You will learn vocabulary through the songs in the story. And develop listening skills throughout the story

7.The Sound of Music

This musical film is a perfect blend of words and phrases into a song. If you can sing about the story, you will get many new words.

8. The Remains of the Day

This classic 1993 film tells the story of a housewife’s career. Butler in the late 30s in addition to learning the vocabulary. You will also learn the differences in English grammar structures of the past compared to the present. ดูหนังออนไลน์

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